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Chenango County provides an attractive environment for business growth as well as new company ventures. Dynamic mixes of business and industry that includes worldwide leading manufacturers, as well as internationally recognized small business gems, call this area home. Prominent products manufactured in the area include: pharmaceuticals, jet engine systems, food and pharmaceutical ingredients, adhesives, metal products, material handling equipment, artist paints, yogurt and hardwoods.

Small business is a significant economic contributor, providing continued job growth. In addition, larger employers find it convenient to work with local manufacturers and suppliers to meet their just-in-time supply needs.

The low cost of living and high quality of life, mixed with a proactive business climate, make Chenango County a great place to do business. With many local employers finding that the environment is conducive to growth, employment opportunities are available from entry level positions to professional and technical positions. Personalized resources are available to assist newcomers integrate into the community and quickly find their place within the community.

A quality, available workforce is a strategic priority of the area. Working partnerships to support employers in their workforce training needs are also available. The congenial business climate and community support of business has made this a place where industry thrives and in turn supports the community.

Local temporary services include:
Manpower (607) 336-7311
Staffworks (607) 334-5055

They are both at 19 Eaton Avenue in the Eaton Center, Norwich.  

The New York State Department of Labor offers a variety of services.  They provide information on labor laws, unemployment insurance, job training, jobs in demand, median wage, career services and a host of other facts and data to help you.  The local branch is located at 1 O’Hara Drive, Norwich and can be reached at (607) 334-2201.

New York State Job Exchange is affiliated with America’s Job Exchange under an agreement with the New York State Department of Labor. You’ll be able to search for jobs and related labor information about your career, create a resume, apply for jobs and have job listings sent to your email.  

National sites like Monster and Career Builder are also good avenues for job searches as well as employers looking to fill open positions.